The rules and all other helpful information regarding setting up your characters can be found in this board. Reading our rules and our awesome announcements in their entirety will make your time here much more enjoyable.
Introduce yourself here if you're new and get greeted by our lovely members! Or if you're going on a break or leaving the site, please post here as well to say what's going on.
So you've read over all the rules but still are having issues on getting started? This board is for a more in depth explanation on how everything works within the World is Ours.
This is where our staff team goes to deliberate the future of the forum. Lots of scary talks are held here so you will only see the suggestion boards.
All characters applications are to be posted here until the profile is finished/completed. Once your application is completed, it will either be accepted or rejected. All WIP profiles that are inactive for more than seven days shall be automatically moved to our rejected character board.
Characters relationships, friends, lovers, and hated enemies. All rather important aspects of proving a social life for your character. New members should really come here to give their character a little more realism.
Do you have an epic plot for your character but need to find members to join it? How about planning for the next crazy dance or zombie attack!? Whatever the case may be you can share all your plot ideas here. Feel free to make requests!
Share the past events of your characters within this board. Please note this board is not for role-playing but rather for the explanation of how your character came to be. His or her defining moments. So write this up like you would a novel.
Should you find yourself having way too much free time on your hands you should consider surfing online. This board is for everything and anything related to the internet.
Because everyone has one right? Here is where you may text or call any character that is currently in play. Remember you should not magically get another members number if you do not know them.
The city of Tokyo is where most of the "magic" happens. Many of the more entertaining hot spots in Japan are located here, including just about anything you could possibly imagine. It's safe to say, if you're in need of some entertainment, this is the place to be.
Role-playing based around various parallel universes which can be as silly or serious as the creator of said topic wishes them to be. Remember to state which part of Tokyo your plot is taking part in.
Both non-canon and canon forum events shall be role-played within this board. The rules and regulations of each event shall be posted within so make sure to read them over before joining.
For quick role-plays that can be anywhere from one paragraph to one sentence. This area is for people who do not have much time and wish to post on the go.
No posts have been made on this board.
Guest-friendly. Please post here if you wish to link up on our board, and we'll be certain to get back to you if needed. Please do check out our Master List Here! Double Posting is not tolerated and we will delete any ads that appear more than once!
We all know at some point in time, we get way in over our head when it comes to threads. Trackers are not required but can be very helpful, if you ever need to make one, you can post it in this board.
Discussions in this area have everything that may be serious or jokes. This is the discussions area for computers, deep thoughts, laughter, vocaloids, utaus and various other topics.
If you want to have some silly fun, this is the place to play. Post and participate in forum games in this section.
If you are anything like me you love to keep track of every character, every plot and just about every ic decision that happens within this world. Well this board will save you the time of going through the posts as we keep everything listed within here.
Here is where we keep all our completed or dead role-plays along with anything that has become too old to remain valid. Feel free to look around but remember you'll need to be logged in to view our content.
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