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Everyone starts somewhere and this is where you start. Important information regarding rules, plots, and such are filed under here. Please browse over them if you're going to join.
Important updates about the forum posted under here. Make sure to read them, they're there for a reason.
So you've read over all the rules but still are having issues on getting started? Post something here if you wish. Guest friendly.
Introduce yourself here if you're new and get greeted by our lovely members! Or if you're going on a break or leaving the site, please post here as well to say what's going on.


Information on registering your character is here, such as the application and what not. Claims are also under here so please look through that if you're interested! Once you are finished, make sure to post on our application notification thread so a staff member may look at your application.
INSIDE: Claims
The directory of approved applications are moved here for reference.
INSIDE: Gents, Ladies, Non-Binary
Tracking galore. Plotters for characters for planning out any future relationships and threads, trackers to check on what threads you're in, as well as requests for certain characters go here.
Any technological advances and fun is stored under here. Cellphones, Twitter, and all of that juicy social media gossip!
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The upper part if the city is where the majority of the magic happens. Many businesses and upscale presences lays here -- it's a pretty busy place.
Downtown has some nice places to just relax and have fun at, which makes it a popular place for people who just want to ditch from life. It has quite the night life too.
Anything outside of the city lays here. Adventures even outside of the region itself, though there's some scenic places just outside of Tengaku.


Discussions in this area have everything that may be serious or jokes. This is the discussions area for computers, deep thoughts, laughter, vocaloids, utaus and various other topics.
Here is where we keep all our completed or dead role-plays along with anything that has become too old to remain valid. Feel free to look around but remember you'll need to be logged in to view our content.
All advertisements and affiliations are dealt with here. Make sure to post under the correct board. Thank you.
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